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EONXI Innovation Studio

Our approach at EONXI integrates design mastery, operational empowerment, and strategic funding to actualize ambitious concepts into industry-defining enterprises.

Serving as founding collaborators, we engage with visionary leaders, providing tailored assistance in brand identity, product enhancement, and seamless funding navigation for sustained growth.

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Product Development

We specialize in deep tech product development, innovating for impact.

Operational Support

We optimize operations, drive revenue growth, and fine-tune marketing.


We offer funding, connect to VCs, and provide institutional resources.


Studio Spinouts

Our innovation endeavors are fortified by a multinational team, blending the expertise of product development engineers, data scientists, and strategic investors.

Focused on gaming, blockchain, AI, and virtual/augmented reality, our mission extends beyond mere technological advancement—we aspire to forge a legacy of profound and lasting societal impact.

Global K-12 competitive gaming league promoting teamwork and growth.
Approved Experiences
Luxury travel and lifestyle management for affluent travelers.
Advanced sports betting analytics for player and game props.