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We finance pioneering companies shaping our societal landscape.



At EONXI Growth, our strategy zeroes in on high-growth opportunities within the tech sector, specifically targeting small to mid-market enterprises. We leverage a strategic mix of expertise and resources, including our proficiency in establishing venture capital entities and a robust co-investment network of over 150 technology-focused VCs and fund operators.

This network grants us exclusive access to sought-after deals, ensuring thorough diligence for each opportunity. Moreover, our access to 2,000+ developer ecosystem partnerships enhances our capacity to drive innovation and growth.

Additionally, our in-house innovation studio prioritizes research and development with enterprise companies, facilitating the incubation of pioneering ideas and technologies. This comprehensive approach enables us to maintain a leading position in the tech landscape, delivering exceptional growth potential and value creation for our investors.

Our Portfolio
Large TAM

We pursue industries with immense growth potential.

Recurring Revenue

We prioritize sustainable revenue streams.

Strong Team

We invest in powerhouse talent for unstoppable growth.


Real Assets

Within the Real Assets industry, we strategically allocate capital to premium physical holdings, meticulously assessing opportunities across the risk spectrum. Our focus lies in areas with robust, enduring value influenced by market dynamics and innovative trends.

By harnessing our expertise and strategic insights, we aim to mitigate risk while maximizing returns on these investments. These endeavors consistently deliver performance and play a crucial role in shaping the evolving landscape of modern infrastructure and real estate, offering investors a diversified and resilient portfolio.

Our Portfolio