Sherrard Harrington

Co-founder & Chairman

Sherrard Harrington founded EONXI in 2019 and currently serves as the Chairman. He is responsible for driving the firm's strategic vision, fostering the intersection of private equity with dynamic sectors such as technology and entertainment. Mr. Harrington has been pivotal in creating opportunities for high-profile influencers and professional athletes to transition into professional Limited Partners (LPs).

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Mr. Harrington began his entrepreneurial journey early, selling his first startup while still an undergraduate at the University of Colorado Boulder. His multifaceted career spans real estate and crypto investments, with over 250 multifamily units acquired across Colorado. His early adoption and success in these areas have positioned him as a forward-thinking leader in the private equity space.

Mr. Harrington's professional experience is extensive, having worked and lived in San Francisco, Canada, and New York. His expertise blends his passion for innovation with a wealth of experience in private equity investments. Under his leadership, EONXI serves as a bridge between diverse sectors, offering influential individuals a platform for portfolio diversification and access to exclusive investment opportunities.